Reclaimed Timber Planks

When you place the Reclaimed Timber in or around your home, you have brought a piece of history with you. Every scratch, nail hole, bolt and knife mark has a story of its own. This slow-growing grained timber is especially renowned for its long life span before human intervention. Call now for a distributor near you 1-800-795-4750.


BW1696A 16" x 95.5"

Available Size / Series:

BW1696B 16" x 95.5"
BW1696C 16" x 95.5"
BW1681 16" x 81"
BW1668 16" x 68.25"


BW1696A, BW1696B, BW1696C, BW1681, BW1668, BWR16A, BWR16B

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