Boardwalk 8" with knots

Boardwalk is a simple enough idea, but we took it to the next level, knots. These knots allow the pattern to be unique, simple and life like. Wood grain planks featured in this pattern are modeled after distressed barn wood, so there is no need for barn hunting. Four planks in each version, with a set of single planks available for those hard to get to spaces. Try going modern with brown tones or go western with gray tones! Check out our 6" with knots (BW600)and our ever so popular original Boardwalk 6" (BW170).


Stamp: 16" X 93"

Available Size / Series:

"A" Version: 33", 36", 45.5", 48"
"B" Version: 34.25", 38.5", 43", 47"


BW800A, BW800B, BW800S. BWK16

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