18" x 18" Roman Slate Tile A

Proline couples the 18" x 18" tile with their most popular texture of Roman Slate for a perfect combination. Roman Slate, designed for Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, is consistantly the most selected texture. Looking for an accent piece? Check out our Acanthus Leaf Border Art stamp or the many other Border Art and Border Tools Proline offers. Because this is such a popular texture, Proline also offers Roman Slate in the following tile size: 12" x 12" (ST1210), 24" x 24" (ST2420), 36" x 36" (ST3610). Please note: for a random look, this tool is made to work in conjunction with ST1820B.


18" x 36"

Available Size / Series:



ST1820A, ST1820B, ST1820F, W14R, HTX18W

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