12" X 12" Belgium Slate Tile (Sand Grout Line)

Aside from chocolate and waffles, the tiny country of Belgium is known for it's beautiful Slate. Proline has replicated that look and combined it within a 12" x 12" square tile. The tiles have a hammered edge for a natural look. This version has a wider sand grout line than it's counterpart, ST1220. This gives the tiles the appearance of being grouted. Looking for an accent border? Check out our BT200- 12" x 12" Belgium Slate Tile Band to make the look complete. See the other 9 versions of a 12" x 12" square tile Proline offers. Proline offers this lovely Belgium Slate texture in the following larger tile sizes: 18" x 18" (ST1840) & 21" x 21" (ST1860).


24" x 36"


ST1225, ST1225F, 2BE, 2BEF, W38T, HT12H

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