Typically Ashlar designs are squares and rectangles either randomly or following a specific patter. A classic that dates back to the 12th century and is found in most western architecture, Ashlars are most common out of all patterns. We offer a variety of background choices such as New England Slate, Old Granite, and Roman Slate, Italian Slate, Blue stone, Travertine and Quarry stone. We are featuring our large stone Ashlar, Connors Quarry stone with up to 40” stones. Our most Popular Ashlar to date is the Ashlar Roman Slate (AS300A, AS300B, and AS300C). Take a look at our hand crafted patterns below for what fits you, and then call up your local Proline distributor. Don’t have a distributor yet? Better call us here at Proline 1-800-795-4750. (For tool layout, see placement guides. Stamps/Placement guides)

Ashlar New England Slate

Ashlar Old Granite

Ashlar Roman Slate

Large Ashlar New England Slate Groutable

Rotating Ashlar Roman Slate

Rotating Ashlar Italian Slate

Rotating Ashlar Blue Stone

Ashlar York Stone

English Ashlar

Ashlar Lorenzo Travertine

Connors Quarry Stone

Ashlar Versailles Tumbled Travertine