In 2006 Proline introduced a 4ft diameter Compass Rose, and the response was fantastic. Proline prides themselves on keeping an ear to the industry, and the industry is screaming for larger, decorative pieces that make a statement. Inexpensive, long-lasting, easy to install, these pieces offer a truly unique and custom look to your home or business. Easy to color with our EZ-Accent acrylic water-based stains and Ez-Tique Antiquing wash.

Flaming Sun

Sun Stamp Medallion

Aztec Calendar

Compass Medallion

Nautical Star Medallion

5 Point Star Medallion

Lotus Flower Medallion

Yin Yang Medallion

Celtic Compass Star

Pinwheel Medallion

Boardwalk Picture Frame Medallion

Solar Flare

Old World Medallion

16 Point Star Medallion- 9 ft. diameter

16 pt. Star - 13 ' Diameter