Hand Sculpted Accent Pieces

Proline offers this incredibly artistic line of Hand Sculpted Accent Pieces. Proline currently has the following series: Wildlife, Garden, Aquatic and Equestrian. Very inexpensive, easy to apply and simple to color with Proline's EZ-Accent acrylic water-based stain. The artwork is spectacular and detailed. Couple these up with our Border Art for a real statement.

Wildlife Series-Set of Moose & Elk

Wildlife Series- Moose

Wildlife Series-Elk

Wildlife Series - Set of 2 Eagles

Wildlife Series - Eagle Head

Wildlife Series - Eagle in Flight

Wildlife Series-Longhorn Steer

Wildlife Series - Bear

Garden Series - Set of 3 Butterflies

Garden Series - Butterfly # 1 Large

Garden Series - Butterfly # 2

Garden Series - Butterfly # 3

Garden Series - Hummingbird

Garden Series - Dragonfly

Garden Series - Set of 2 Leaves

Aquatic Series - Set of 10 Tropical Fish

Aquatic Series - Set of 5 Tropical Fish facing Right

Aquatic Series - Set of 5 Tropical Fish facing left

Aquatic Series-Set of 2 Dolphins , 1 single 1 double

Aquatic Series - Dolphin Double

Aquatic Series - Set of 2 Sea Turtles

Aquatic Series - Sea Turtle Swimming

Aquatic Series - Dolphin Single

Aquatic Series - Sea Turtle Overhead View

Aquatic Series - Salmon Hand Sculpted Accent

Aquatic Series - Starfish

Equestrian Series - Set of Horses facing left & right

Equestrian Series - Horse facing right

Equestrian Series - Horse facing left

Equestrian Series - Horses Double

Equestrian Series - Horses Triple