We feature a variety of accessories designed to make your job easier. Our line includes our patented, shock-absorbing tampers, our new, lightweight, hand-held billy banger tamper, touch-up wheels, joint texture strips, decorative concrete texture rollers, and more. These convenient accessories help you simplify the process while enhancing your expertise.

12" Tamper

16" Tamper

Billy Banger Hand Tamper

Joint Texture Strip Thin

Joint Texture Strip Regular

Joint Texture Strip Wide

Contractor Name Stamp

Granite Texturing Roller 4.5"

Granite Texturing Roller 9"

Stone Texturing Roller 4.5"

Stone Texturing Roller 9"

Touch up wheel- Hammered Edge

Touch up wheel- V Groove

Touch up wheel- 1/4 inch flat

Touch up wheel- 1/18 inch flat

Touch up wheel- 3/8 round

Touch up wheel- 1/4 inch round

Touch up Wheel- 3/8 inch textured

Touch up wheel- 1/2 inch textured

Touch up wheel- 3/8 inch flat

4" Standard Chisel

8" Standard Chisel

12" Hammered Edge Chisel

S-Curve Chisel

Post Tension 1 Oval 3.5" X 6.5"

Post Tension 2 Rectangle 4.75" x 7.5"

Post Tension 3 Rectangle 6" X 11"

Buried Cable

Flows to River (with Fish)

Drains To Waterway

Fire Lane

Numbers 0-9 2" High

Numbers 0-9 3" High

Numbers 0-9 6 " High

Alphabet Letters Set of A -Z 2" high

Alphabet Letters Set A -Z 3" high